Here, sustainability isn’t a buzzword or box to check. It’s a passion. An ongoing, 24-hour, project-long, tantalizing opportunity.

As intrinsic to any project as schedule, materials, costs, communication and lunch hour. Call it a third eye. Which doesn’t mean we are “green builders” per se.

It means that, wherever sustainability is on your priority list, we’re always looking, asking, wondering if there’s some way to help your brainchild live more lightly on the earth.

It might be as fundamental as “How about a concrete mix that lowers carbon emissions by 60% at no added cost?”

Then again, it could be something more out of the KJ “so crazy it just might work” school of collaboration.

An adjacent 120 ft. wind power turbine to ease you off the grid, say. Or a holistic envelope approach to Passive House efficiency goals.

As for tools, when you look, and it’s the looking that matters, they’re everywhere: salvaged woods, recycled steel, solar alignment, rainwater capture, intuitive lighting, ad infinitum.

Of course, we have very official things in place. Like short and long-term sustainability plans. Specific company-wide carbon reduction goals. A dedicated Passive House team. Even a sustainability Czar. He’ll talk your eco-conscious ear off.

Above all, we have that Left Coast bred reverence for the big orb we all call home.

We’ll help you hug the planet in whatever doses you, and your job, are committed to.