Interesting Statistics from Projects We’ve Built

While it’s true that we often work on jobs of some scale, clients are often surprised to learn that we are somewhat scale-and budget-agnostic. Meaning that we apply the same level of attention, craft, precision and service to every project–big or small.

“If I needed to remodel a harpsichord, from the inside, while someone was playing it, it would be with Krekow Jennings.”

  • We’ve built a lakeside house that required temporary rerouting, rebuilding and reinstating a natural salmon-bearing stream running through the basement with virtually no construction access to the site other than from the lake itself.

  • From our Seattle base, we’ve built and managed projects as far flung as Hong Kong and France.

  • We have researched, resourced and worked with materials and artisans from Canada, England, Wales, France, Italy, Tunisia, China, Japan, Mexico, Croatia, Argentina, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Samoa, Ireland, Germany and Russia.

  • We’ve had as many as 275 people on one project at a time.

  • We’ve moved 12,000 cubic yards of dirt for a single project.

  • We’ve built a 50,000-square-foot single-family residence.

  • We’ve built a two-story powder room in the shape of a beehive, constructed of stone.

  • We’ve poured 2,400 cubic yards of concrete for one residence.

  • We’ve built a 200,000-gallon artificial pond and stream system with over 60 feet of elevation change and two waterfalls between the upper and lower ponds.

  • We’ve renovated a 35,000-square-foot historic residence requiring the reconstruction of all finish materials in the same way as was done in 1908, when the residence was originally built.

  • We’ve crafted numerous residential structures with fully operable and opening roofs or walls or both.

  • We’ve built and installed a 16-foot-tall by 8-foot-wide front door to a house.

  • We’ve replaced 10,000 square feet of glazing in 789 window units on one residence over the course of a three-year period, while performing the work only when the owner was not at home.

  • We’ve installed a 120-foot-tall, monopole wind turbine.

  • We’ve built a 25,000-square-foot guest residence with a 24,000-gallon indoor pool and a 95,000-gallon outdoor pool.

  • We’ve built an underground, cast-in-place concrete 24-car garage in the shape of a cycloid.

  • We’ve constructed a 60-foot-long by 20-foot-high window wall with the entire assembly able to pivot open.

  • We restored 3,000 square feet of fish spawning habitat after removing 200 truck loads of rock and fill, 139 tons of creosote from a bulkhead and dock, and then planting 1,600 native trees and shrubs.

  • We’ve temporarily rerouted, then reinstalled a 12-inch city sewer main that served an entire neighborhood, under the foundation of a new house we built.

  • We’ve installed a two-lane PBA-certified bowling alley in a home.

  • We’ve engineered and built a James Turrell Skyspace, including an 11-foot by 7-foot hydraulically operated elliptical dome, articulated to lift up and over the roof opening.

  • We’ve built out the interiors of two custom penthouse condominiums concurrently, in a tower that had no freight elevator.